Wednesday, September 23, 2009

raye ohh raye...

6.30am - woke up for subuh. oh no dah lmbt for subuh...adoyai. hurm..but i guess too early to get ready. then here i cum my sweet bed..yes!! continue TIDO :)

7.30am - umi woke me up again. all baju dah ready. then bersiap to masjid, solat sunat raya..hes! abg amer fetched me. then walked to masjid together with mkcik yah n kak mirah. hulalala! thank god xramai owg ag. then solat la!

10.00am -got ready to beraye umah cik yah dulu. mkcik yah prepared nasi dagang. i didnt eat that. kureng sket. but not bad la. no offense, mkcik yah is a gud cook.

11.30am - heading to umah tok chek. hurm, uncle sir n mama sah's family was there. the others, missing. zul's family and sir's family je yg able to b at tok chek's house dat morning. da rest, enjoyed their raye at their mother side dulu.

1.30pm - bleq umah sendiri. got ready to go to umah tok ma plak. hurm there pun sama. ayh long wasnt cuming back to klntn. nevermind. use to it! ayh ngah, ayh teh n ayh su went to their wives hometown. guess again our family. buhsannya!! ayh su called n he said he's suming back to umah tok ma. we waited n finally sempat jumpe. duit raye, total up sket ja. m not expecting anthing. hehehe...

5.00pm - went back home. umi nk prepare fud for open house da next day. dat night, we waited for abg aiman and his family to cum to our house. yes! best. must be gempak open house nnti.

so here goes, 1st day raye..tiring...boring...AND frustrating!!