Tuesday, June 15, 2010

serabut-serabut. kusut-masai lol

Today, sharp 16th June 2010, my bro, Shafiq ditolak oleh nurse-nurse yg agak lawa to labour room. Oppps! I mean Operation Theater. Hehas been from this kind o what-so-called disease in his nose. scientifically, i don't know the exact name of the disease and don't know how to explain it either. Boo me!

kakak yang baek ialah kakak mithali :)

i sacrificed my beauty deep sleep semata-mata untuk accompany my bro in his ward. emmm, technically, accompany my mom. hes! still the same. woke up early in the morning, prepared the breakfast for dad, sis n youngest bro. thank God, no complaint regarding how SUCK my cook. :P

again, BOO me!

guys, catch you later.

marilah kite berbusiness pula. I'm so deeply and extraordinarily in love with the MONEY.


love, umi's daughter

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bek Woh

From home, I drove my car to Tanah Merah. At first, ayh ngah n his family waited us at Pasir Mas then mummy called him, telling him that we might not wait anymore. so blalalala, i drove straight to TM. hahaha, thought of racing with ayh ngah. GOSH! He is so bloody expert in speeding ouh! but still! we reached at Tok Ma's house first!! Hoooreyy!

Ayah Teh waited for us at Petronas petrol kiosk while tok bah drove Cik Yung's car to Jeli. mummy didn't allow me to drive to Jeli.(muke masam!) because she said, it was so far away. so what mum. I can drive!

fullamak, the bride's house was so in the middle of the green. Wow! all tents were RED!


hahaha. then I held baby eman n i spotted the true n pure bengal cat. gosh very superb! but sorry guys, no photo( xsempat nk capture as I was the babysitter of the day)

we were like so starving especially Cik Yung. hahaha.

cik yung: makan ouh makan. lapar neyh
me : jom! but baby eman neyh nk mamam gak ke?
cik teh(eman's mother): for sure!
umi: ayu! diet!
me: xmaw diet today. food sedap!
cik yung: a'aa. diet watpe. makan weyh. lapar!

then kami MELANTAK sampai kenyang. 1 big table kmi conquer ouh! MANTAP seyh!

the funny part was when cik yung wanted to hold eman but he sisn't want, alerting us with his violence sobbing. 'Baek" punye budak!

Cik yung 'rasuah' bby Eman with a candy n eman without hesitate sanggup berdukung ngn cik yung. muahaha.

cik yung tgh 'rasuah' eman n abg long fiz is standing next to them.

ooppps! lupe nk rotate this pic. this is shahir. so in his deep sleep. penat la katekan.

my brother, after all the 'penat'ness of the day, he still bley on9. what a man!
haaa! this is my pillow. umi yang sulam this thing awww... see my name there! my sister has exactky the same. We have this pillow when we were 2. lame kn! I'll keep it for my kids nnti :D
owh, this is the 'beauty' of bek woh!! I'm so damn tired!