Friday, November 12, 2010

Buat renungan utk semua

Saat aku mulai mencintai seseorang aku ditinggalkan

Saat aku sangat mengharapkannya dia menghilang Ketika aku mulai merasakan bahagia aku dicampakkan Ketika aku sangat membutuhkannya dia memilih yang lain

Aku bertanya pada Tuhan Yaaa.. Tuhan..kenapa semua yang aku inginkan tidak bisa aku miliki????

Tuhan menjawab karena kamu tidak pernah merasa yakin memilikinya

aku kembali bertanya tapi mengapa pada saat aku bahagia dia meninggalkanku

Tuhan "karena kamu tidak pernah memahami apakah dia bahagia bersamamu"

Tuhan " Aku tidak akan memberikan pasangan yang baik untukmu, jika kamu masih kasar"

"Aku tidak akan memberikan pasangan yang setia untukmu, disaat kamu selalu mencari yang terbaik"

"Aku tidak akan menganugrahkan seseorang yang sabar bagimu sedangkan kamu masih egois"

"Aku akan memberikan pasangan untukmu yang sesuai untukmu, maka perbaikilah dirimu sesuai dengan apa yang kamu inginkan dari pasangan hidupmu"

Ya Allah, pertemukanlah dgn insan yg soleh, beriman dan kuat agamanya. Seorang lelaki yg mmpu membimbing aku ke jalan-Mu ya Allah. Yang mmpu memberi kebahagiaan kepadaku di dunia dan di akhirat. Amin.


Crack-ing or Crap-ing

omg! Final exam in two weeks time.
If I were not to reply and answer any of your messages and calls, I might not be here anymore.
Thank you!

ps; I love you people, so much and sorry for everything :(

a grave is an inch to me ;

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What a friend for :D

It was already 1230pm, very late. Nurul was still not home. Apparently she was studying at Sunway University College.

Zulex: Thank God you pick up the phone. Where are you now? See your watch now.
Nurul: Hi lex! At college with Pie the Stalker(of course). Yes, I'm on my way.
Zulex: You revised all the econs right?? Aren't you suppose to come back before that?
Nurul: On my way boss!!

*Now I sound like a mother* -_______-" phewwww!
so called caring friend;


Good Morning Edmonton. Bring the Ipod everywhere you go. You cooperation is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Selfish me

All that I'm asking for

gravity pulls and
we fall from the clouds
we prove to eachother
that we're both human now
the time that we spent
trying to make sense
of it all

all that i'm asking for
is that you need nothing more
and nothing comes in between
our love and it's fragile, see
all that i'm asking for
you're all that i'm asking for

now we walk together
knowing where we've been
knowing mistakes are being mistaken again
it's in the past tense
there is no making sense of it now

all that i'm asking for
is that you need nothing more
and nothing comes in between
our love and it's fragile, see

all that i'm asking for
you're all that i'm asking for

in the still of your hands
anything can happen now
with every beat of my heart
love speaks in silence

in the still of your hands
anything is possible
with every beat of my heart

the time that we spent
trying to make sense, of it all

all that i'm asking for
is that you need nothing more
and nothing comes in between
our love and it's fragile, see

all i'm asking for
is that you need nothing more
and nothing comes in between
our love and it's fragile, see

all that i'm asking for
you're all that i'm asking for

ps; This song melts my heart. Edmonton, don't worry I'm not flirting with other guys anymore. I've lost the ability to do so.

Reborn from the heaven,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When I have nothing to do

Hello people! Just to let you all know that I"m still alive. Currently staying in Casa Subang, A-16-02, that's my unit number. One day, I'll post the pictures of my beloved housemates. It has been near 4 months I'm staying here, technically not that exactly 4 months, but turning into and so la ennn... Ouh man! When am I going to blend with the situation, the environment?? Have a great AUSMAT friends but undeniable i miss my girls, of course!!!!

Alyaa Eleena, please come back to Malaysia fast. Nur Ainin Sofia and Siti Nur Anisah, get rid of your papers immediately. Final Exams of A-levels, curse you for kidnapping my girls!!! Curse you also Egypt!
I want all of you. I miss 'lepak2' with you girls. Sleepover ouh!!!

okeyh! Enough for the crap!
move on to the photo shot.

Venue; Filzah's unit, A-03-02
Date: forgotten! (damn, bad friend, I am!!! I know :( )
Sorry this post is actually damn so long after her birthday but still curse me for not remembering her birthday. Sorry sayang~
Event; Fariha's birthday.

I bought her cupcakes, see there, up there! Written FARIHA SEXY! Auwwwww~
You are old already farry, legally 18, so nnti bley la tgk 18PG movies erkkk! :D

This one of the best guy in my life, my lil brother, enrolled into a Tahfiz in Shah Alam,
Take note people, it is a not a boarding school or anything. It's just like a fardu ain session.OMG! A tahfiz in our family, Alhamdulilah~
In the mean time, this is the only picture of him. He refuses to take picture. Bajet malu! :D
whatever it takes, adik, I LOVE YOU!

Daddy's favourite number. Ouh man! I really miss my dad, been so far away from him from day to day. Wish the situation can be normal as usual.

'Wan, I miss you so badly and I do love you wholeheartedly!!'

My life is just perfect, I think I have everything, just enough for now.
Spend most of my time with my mum and brother Syafiq and sys Adilah.
Thnx for being there when I need you Umi, Love you!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Single me, YES!

To all single girls out there, please go and get yourselves this movie. Superb!!

Sometimes, we might be searching for the one every second, every minute, even hours, months n years, and you don't realize that the ONE is there right in front of you. He/ She might be someone that you are very very very close to you.

conclusions are:

Just go with the the flow.
Just be yourself.
Dumb the LIAR!!
You don't have to find the true love, it will certainly come to you, one day *maybe*

ps// think on ur own.

happy to be single, yes, I'm happy,

Friday, August 13, 2010

ouhh, man! Again n Again

FACEBOOK, seriously you are disturbing me. I can't get rid of you no matter how much I try to do so. I'm just so into u

addicted enough;

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lorsqu'un grandi kid parle...

Je ne sais pas quoi d'autre dois-je faire pour le faire u se rendent compte que je suis ici, juste en face de vous. Je tombe pour quelqu'un qui n'a pas même comme moi, même un peu petits minuscule point dans sa vie. Souffrances quotidiennes à seulement watch et voir lui marcher droit devant moi, mais pas pour rester près de lui. Je vais mettre un terme à cela. je ne peux pas prendre plus. Pas plus. Mais comment?? Toute personne... Veuillez...

Je veux que vous, vous êtes le seul

tsk tsk tsk

dear loves;

I have this one small petite broadband which is NOT that BROAD.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Twist of Me :)

Kalumpang, there were we last weekend. Yaya, Qoe n Zule' ~ Pya, was back to casa on the same day, she has test on the next day n she hasn't finish her homework yet. Pity pya. But it's ok. We were doing much more fine without you. hehehe.

Aunty Jay, prepared us some fried mee, Mantap ouh!! Che Dah prepared us some sardin sandwiches. also Good one! we had this barbecue thing at Kalumpang. Aunty Jay bought n perap some sort of mutton i think.
Seriously, anyone of u, who have missed this trip, all of u are so rugi u know. hahaha

It was Estima Convoy.. About 10 Estima cars convoying on that day.

Sempoi abes la that day. We really enjoyed ourselves and hope I can join Aunty Jay's Estima team again :)

Had wonderful moment with Yaya and Qoe.

To yaya, i hope that this won't be the last time to see u before u fly to Egypt ouh :P Yaya is leaving this coming September. Gosh she'll be so far away soon. The best part is, Puteh, Yaya's boyfriend(fisrt thought why la si puteh jdi pilihan yaya, love is so bloody blind) will be going to Egypt also this August. hahaha.

act, the background is damn lawa. yaya la ni, xpndi nk ambek gmbr..view jdi burokk!! Boo yaya :)

owh no!! I look fat!! yaya's fatter n Qoe, u are so 'slim'

Captured by Qoe. Still I look weird n gemok. waa, this is freaking me out.
yaya's measuring the depth of the 100 plus ... it should be the volume la yaya

newly arrived at Kalumpang. See, byk brg ouh...

Give me the cameran keep ur mouth shut plss, everyone!! Intense seketika. yaya perasan macho!

Haaa, here's Aunty Jay, yaya's mother. so pretty and sexy ouh. hehehe. No offense ok aunty.

these are the heroes of the day, Amsyar and Azyriel :)

My Estima Team; convoy estima. First time ouh, I join this event. Nice one.

Pose plg xleyh blah. but still cute :)

That's all. Jom bukak pose :D

love me, myself n I

Sunday, July 25, 2010

in case i'm no longer here...

To my dear musuh-musuh ketatKU;

siti nur anisah musa
nur ainin sofia ahmad aminuddin
alyaa eleena kamaru lizham

you girls owe me a treat!!! Pls do so before all of you melayangkan diri to United Kingdom n Egypt respectively!!

call me zulaikha zulkifle :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fuhhh! Away for some break

...Here I come Kalumpang....

miss me not; zule' zuleX

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hello 22nd July 2010 :)


Here are some shots on the filzah's sweat 18. haha.

Venue: Sunway Pyramid
Time: after class(forgot already) *sorry*
Celebrated by; Zule', Nik, Fariha, Nolly, Nabila, Nurul, Ainaa and Huwaina

To my dear birhtday girl:

FILZAH RAZAK, you are old enough to be childish one.

birthday gifts from zule', farry and nurul

when it comes to the food, obv, zule' n nurul will pay more attention n be more serious

while waiting for the food to be served... Ladies, smileeee...


the best part of life, just can't live without the FOOD! *umi, it's a hint :p*

actually, Filzah didn't know that we were planning for a surprise for her. she thought that nando's was the treat for her. but, definitely, she was wrong..secret recipe cake.
funny thing was, that was Deja Vu act. It happened last year birthday party.
wtv it is, we really enjoyed ourselves n so do Filzah. well, it is clearly shown in our pictures...

daddy's daughter

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

serabut-serabut. kusut-masai lol

Today, sharp 16th June 2010, my bro, Shafiq ditolak oleh nurse-nurse yg agak lawa to labour room. Oppps! I mean Operation Theater. Hehas been from this kind o what-so-called disease in his nose. scientifically, i don't know the exact name of the disease and don't know how to explain it either. Boo me!

kakak yang baek ialah kakak mithali :)

i sacrificed my beauty deep sleep semata-mata untuk accompany my bro in his ward. emmm, technically, accompany my mom. hes! still the same. woke up early in the morning, prepared the breakfast for dad, sis n youngest bro. thank God, no complaint regarding how SUCK my cook. :P

again, BOO me!

guys, catch you later.

marilah kite berbusiness pula. I'm so deeply and extraordinarily in love with the MONEY.


love, umi's daughter

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bek Woh

From home, I drove my car to Tanah Merah. At first, ayh ngah n his family waited us at Pasir Mas then mummy called him, telling him that we might not wait anymore. so blalalala, i drove straight to TM. hahaha, thought of racing with ayh ngah. GOSH! He is so bloody expert in speeding ouh! but still! we reached at Tok Ma's house first!! Hoooreyy!

Ayah Teh waited for us at Petronas petrol kiosk while tok bah drove Cik Yung's car to Jeli. mummy didn't allow me to drive to Jeli.(muke masam!) because she said, it was so far away. so what mum. I can drive!

fullamak, the bride's house was so in the middle of the green. Wow! all tents were RED!


hahaha. then I held baby eman n i spotted the true n pure bengal cat. gosh very superb! but sorry guys, no photo( xsempat nk capture as I was the babysitter of the day)

we were like so starving especially Cik Yung. hahaha.

cik yung: makan ouh makan. lapar neyh
me : jom! but baby eman neyh nk mamam gak ke?
cik teh(eman's mother): for sure!
umi: ayu! diet!
me: xmaw diet today. food sedap!
cik yung: a'aa. diet watpe. makan weyh. lapar!

then kami MELANTAK sampai kenyang. 1 big table kmi conquer ouh! MANTAP seyh!

the funny part was when cik yung wanted to hold eman but he sisn't want, alerting us with his violence sobbing. 'Baek" punye budak!

Cik yung 'rasuah' bby Eman with a candy n eman without hesitate sanggup berdukung ngn cik yung. muahaha.

cik yung tgh 'rasuah' eman n abg long fiz is standing next to them.

ooppps! lupe nk rotate this pic. this is shahir. so in his deep sleep. penat la katekan.

my brother, after all the 'penat'ness of the day, he still bley on9. what a man!
haaa! this is my pillow. umi yang sulam this thing awww... see my name there! my sister has exactky the same. We have this pillow when we were 2. lame kn! I'll keep it for my kids nnti :D
owh, this is the 'beauty' of bek woh!! I'm so damn tired!

Monday, May 31, 2010

counting mode

pergh!! It has been accurately 23days since I have received your text messages.
Tired waiting ouh. For heaven sake, this is so like
and HELL you go!!
Gosh, I miss you

Is this for real. Why should I miss you instead of hating you??
no reason ouh for hating you. POYO.

fellas, this is all crapped!! i crap! Forgive me :(

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

'pillow' fight

ntah la. I juz dunno how to tell neymore lol. yesterday, you had plenty of time but u took it for granted. today, still da same happen. Going back to kampong. i dun want to be selfish but yet, knowing that i only had very few time, u bleyh ag g kbmall. for what i dun noe la. mls la nk pikir ag. mls nk voice out. mls nk ckp. kang end up gadoh jugak. so take it easy zulex. it's time to say BYE-BYE. Juz take the cake n u can go back.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Alyaa Eleena Kamaru Lizham

TAHNIAH yang tidak terhingga daripada saya. Alyaa Eleena akan melanjutkan pengajiannya dalam jurusan kedoktoran di Egypt pada September ini meninggalkan Wan Nur Zulaikha, Nur Ainin Sofia dan Siti Nur Anisah di Malaysia. Sejujur-jujurnya, meninggalkan Wan Nur Zulaikha di Malaysia sahaja. Nur Ainin Sofia dan Siti Nur Anisah juga turut akan meninggalkan Malaysia sejurus setelah menamatkan A-Level mereka di Taylor dan KTJ masing-masing :(

Bilakan giliran saya? :(

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A heart for mum

picca, picca, picca for mummy;

Happy Umi's Day

to my beloved one and only umi :)

On the 8th May, my sis, Dieyla and I, started to think wat shud we buy for umi. ada hati x, umi demand adioh from kiteowg. but if umi didnt ask for it pown, we'll still buy for her, of course la. With the helped of loyal driverKU, mr buyung, we went to the mall to find some gift from umi. I had RM1500 in my pocket. giler byk aww..klu la some strangers kidnap I, mmg 'lucky' die for a week je la, tuh pown if dye xboros. Umi didn't know anything about our plan. The gifts were all kept in buyung's car. thnx buyung :P Then, b4 umi went to her bedroom, I hurrily put the gifts on her bed, roses, perfume n a towel written 'Happy Umi's Day'.. Dieyla had Additional Mathematics tuition with Sir Hassan in study room, so I had to arrange the gifts without umi knewing it, all by myself. giler argh! then, as soon as umi went to her bedroom, we pretended like nothing happen, while buyung n I started to laugh actually. We both went downstairs quickly. suddenly, here goes; " timo kaseh deh suami n anak-anakku utk hadiah2 tu. Oooo, buat surprise ye.." But, all of us, just stayed calm n pretended as nothing happen. Umi bursted into tears, she was touched by all of us.

mother's day is not only today, but forever will be <3

Saturday, May 8, 2010

one sunshine evening :)

Waiting for adeq shahir to come out from the hall, UPSR clinic. He is so brainiac, so why still join the clinic. *boring*. spotted that Umi is so boring. well, Perdana Resort has come out with new amazing look. impressive:)

Waited for adeq,so long, then, we had out tea there:

ice-cream goreng
sotong celup tepung
coconut milk shake

(dh mcm menu lunch, so heavy, ruined my diet plan -_-")

here goes the shot:

then, we spotted dua merpati sejoli, enjoying the scenery while pot pet pot pet
(ank2 dh besaw en umi, wan :P)

today, I'm going to Perdana again without papa n mama. buyong, the loyal driver and my sister, dieyla will join the club to fetch shahir ^_^

BOO to myself fro not driving my car there. so need driver here :D

turn on the FORGIVE mode

8th May;

May your dreams come true

ps; what shud i buy for you??

Friday, May 7, 2010

budop POYO

Pok Cik Tua;


happy 18th birthday
you are OLD
you are WRINKLED
you are POYO

marvellous 18 :D

ps; do not blame me if u r late to solat Jumaat :P

let's get annoyed

mmm.. phew... when i get damn bored! I've just bought this shawl. Nia sold it to me. thnx nia..

anak arab mane la kne kidnap =P

wearing this tudung for the 1st tym :)

there u go ...

there you go, it's pretty fun u noe :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

God bless :)

this small lilpie has no name yet

yesterday, when to An-Nisa' Hospital. Alhamdulilah, Kak Aqis finally and safely delivered a very cute n beautiful newborn baby girl. Abang Am was so cool. Well this was his 2nd time experiencing to see his wife gave birth. Awww!

Kak Aqis : Abang Am relax giler argh. Siap standby btol2 in front of kak aqis. Dlu mse Qaseh nye turned, Abang Am cm nak lari kuar je...
Abang Am: Hero xgadoH!(muke abg am was so red, tahan malu:P)

all of us gelak. We found out that was so funny. Muke Abng Am xleyh blah.

see, the baby is so cute. she's only how many hours year-old aww - practising:) -

Qaseh plak came to visit her ibu and her newborned sister...she's kinda of jelous n just caught a glimpse of the baby then she ignored her. All of us tergelak je ngn reaction Qaseh. so, to Abg Am n Kak Aqis, may u both have more n more kids in future. xksh la en, anak2 sume lawa n puteh2... owh, seriously, i'm gonna find 'white' man for husband-to-be :)