Thursday, February 25, 2010

after a very long time, here goes...

after SPM, i've planned everything but nothing, not even one is successfully done. the last day that i really enjoyed my life was when i when to KLCC, pavi n sg wang with yaya, pya n anish. then, i went back home, tot of having fun in australia, but honestly langsung xhappy. so bloody borink there.

home, no more, no less, BORINK giler!!! dah la kota bharu xder cinema pown. klu nk tgk movie, i have to fly all over from kelantan to kuala lumpur.

have no mood to write. not in the mood of sharing yet i guess.

in short, i hate my life n sometimes i feel like i just don't belong here...

FYI, tengku nurlisa is da one who inspires me to write something. hahaha