Sunday, April 25, 2010

miserable life :(

i just dislike daddy's place of working. i just cannot adapt myself with the workers actually. the guys aren't gentleman at all, full with the smokes, till i can't hardly breathe. somehow, i just cannot go them.


I'm absolutely afraid of them. they aren't just like the others. They are cool but sometimes they just behave so 'bengong' and 'poyo'. joking about silly and definitely 'blue' stuff making me myself so uncomfortable. somehow, why daddy still keeping them. He just doesn't listen to umi, firing some of the workers.

b4 they started working here, some of them could not afford to support themselves nad now, they have apple brand lappy, expensive cool + smart + up-to-date helmet. In facts, collection of branded jeans such as Replay, Levis, Guess... hey, even kakak yg keje kat Parkson pun cannot afford to wear branded stuff though have been working there for couple of times!! Bloody workers!!!

Why daddy is so blind??? Why???

what ever they did, stealing or anything, may Allah 'rewarded' all of you back!!

To Do List

  • bring Scottish and ChinCHinla to the clinic. Scottish, thorough checking, medical checkup, Chinchinla, vaccination!!!
  • go to KBmall... shopping for BBQ party :)
  • bleq umh, help umi pape yg patot
  • texting driver
  • study for internal examination!! Go Zulex! u can do it!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Scottish n Chinchinla... :)

Chinchila, the Bengal cat a.k.a Scottish's girl, 2 months old
Scottish, the Scottish fold cat, 1 year old

Today, 24th april 2010, Scottish is already 1 year old. Scottish is big enough already to have mate. but we still think he isnt mature enough( Do animals care?). so what, we love scottish so much. one n only Scottish fold in our house, so lovely. Scottish loves to sleep with us, on the bed actually(mengada bak kate my dad, kucing kaya). no offense, Scottish is flea free!!! vitamin is taken everyday without failed.

our conversation about Scottish:

Umi : Scottish dah besar.
Kak Dik : A'aa... But still adeq rase kecik ag.
Me : No la. He's big!!
Umi : Aaaaaa, why don't kte kahwinkan die?? More cats nnti.
Kak dik : With what? kura-kura???
Umi : Pe la. Bengal cat!
Kak dik n I : owh YES!!! ( excited nyer)

then, that's why we have Chinchinla with us now! very energetic and naughty. dh twice dye kencing merata-rata. actually Chinchinla dh 'alert'kn kiteorunk, but then she's being ignored! so served us right lol :(

Sunday, April 18, 2010

wish or die??

me : where's my 'driver'...

dude : u need ur 'driver'?

me: always...

dude: xyah la. drive ur own car. ur 'driver' wudnt care

me: really?? hmmmm*sigh* :(

p/s:pnim bubbye :(

Saturday, April 17, 2010

4 snaps at AMdaef Cyber Cafe

when zulex has nothing to gives idea about ...*wink~*
O'oo... Kantoi ayh ngoh is watching...
here a snap ( i noe, i'm so terribly huduh )
ayh ngoh stops PERASAN!!!

pape pown, this is ayh ngoh a.k.a pak tam, beloved uncle...
the story behind the scene, later!