Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the heart beats cud be heard...

his smile melts my heart. when i can see u again deq??

hurm...seyesly, i mish muhammad handallah. u are so far away there in Melaka. how cud kakak nk make any excuse to see u again ek adeq. nver mind, we'll see each otehr later n i'll buy u chocs k..(as if la mummy bg)

kak shina: murah aje chocs no moneyh!!! not yet a BANKER... :P

OLC, the new life begins here...

when dayah n tania are bored... * under age kids, plz stay away as possible*

sorry to say, it is just so true," baju kurung mung lawa CHIA!!" come the OLC...

what ever it is... OLC is not only for language centre, it is where the bond among us is borned!!!

always in my mind;
asna, dayah, vnie, chia, paan, afiq mazlan, sofia, haziq, ajim, hazwan, fatin, kak han, jannah, haizum, hussien( arab man), miss azi, sir anthony, mdm jenny, sir iss, Dr Wan, Mdm Yantie, kak nik...

Friday, March 26, 2010

:: weenie suksai ::


weenie " say cheese!!!"

the untold story about my dear weenie suksai. a very happy-go-lucky person and not easily give up. the 1st impression went i entered OLC was " hey minah Melayu neyh, peliknye...". upe-upenye, she'not MALAY la...
ATTENTION everyone!!!!
weenie is not a MALAY gurl kayh. neveer mind weenie, we all know k.
she went to korea, leaving us in OLC 'terkapai-kapai'. haha. Tremendous silence hold us tight. after one by one among of us left. weeyyy, paan is also gone...

p/s:cepat baleq!! miss you here.