Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When I have nothing to do

Hello people! Just to let you all know that I"m still alive. Currently staying in Casa Subang, A-16-02, that's my unit number. One day, I'll post the pictures of my beloved housemates. It has been near 4 months I'm staying here, technically not that exactly 4 months, but turning into that..so and so la ennn... Ouh man! When am I going to blend with the situation, the environment?? Have a great AUSMAT friends but undeniable i miss my girls, of course!!!!

Alyaa Eleena, please come back to Malaysia fast. Nur Ainin Sofia and Siti Nur Anisah, get rid of your papers immediately. Final Exams of A-levels, curse you for kidnapping my girls!!! Curse you also Egypt!
I want all of you. I miss 'lepak2' with you girls. Sleepover ouh!!!

okeyh! Enough for the crap!
move on to the photo shot.

Venue; Filzah's unit, A-03-02
Date: forgotten! (damn, bad friend, I am!!! I know :( )
Sorry this post is actually damn so long after her birthday but still curse me for not remembering her birthday. Sorry sayang~
Event; Fariha's birthday.

I bought her cupcakes, see there, up there! Written FARIHA SEXY! Auwwwww~
You are old already farry, legally 18, so nnti bley la tgk 18PG movies erkkk! :D

This one of the best guy in my life, my lil brother, enrolled into a Tahfiz in Shah Alam,
Take note people, it is a not a boarding school or anything. It's just like a fardu ain session.OMG! A tahfiz in our family, Alhamdulilah~
In the mean time, this is the only picture of him. He refuses to take picture. Bajet malu! :D
whatever it takes, adik, I LOVE YOU!

Daddy's favourite number. Ouh man! I really miss my dad, been so far away from him from day to day. Wish the situation can be normal as usual.

'Wan, I miss you so badly and I do love you wholeheartedly!!'

My life is just perfect, I think I have everything, just enough for now.
Spend most of my time with my mum and brother Syafiq and sys Adilah.
Thnx for being there when I need you Umi, Love you!



  1. cantik btl tulisan kau.mmg aku blh baca sbnrny!

  2. pe mksud ko jaa??? hint ehh :D